Cookridge Primary School’s vision for Mathematics

At Cookridge Primary School, we believe that every child can excel as a mathematician. Pupils are able to reason and problem solve successfully by developing a strong foundation in the basics (fluency). Through oracy, role-play and investigation children have the opportunity to become inquisitive, resilient and articulate mathematicians who are ready to apply their skills in the real world.

Accessing mathematical resources and knowledge outside of school is key to retaining the basic skills needed for life. Click the links below to access a plethora of resources at home. See if you can apply your understanding to problems outside of school.


Please see below for exemplifications of children working towards, expected and children working at a greater depth in each year group: 

End of year expectations for maths in every year group:

Maths in action:

Mr Kershaw’s Maths Workshop
During our parent workshop, Mr Kershaw models the three strands of  mathematics: Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving. Additionally, what we (as a school) are doing to support pupils to develop a deeper understanding. Please peruse the PowerPoint to see the new concrete objects that pupils use on a daily basis.

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