UKS2 – Newsletter – 26.03.2021

It has been an exciting week in UKS2. On Monday, […]

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UKS2 – Newsletter – 19/03/2021

It has been an action packed week in UKS2. In […]

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UKS2 – Newsletter – 5.12.2020

It has been a busy week in UKS2. On Monday […]

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UKS2 – Class 8 – Kahoot

This week in cross curricular, Class 8 have been using […]

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Year One- Class One and Two- Forest school/computing lesson

The children loved working in small groups to give clear […]

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UKS2 – Class 8 & 9 – ICT day

Today has been Class 8’s ICT day. The children completed […]

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LKS2 – Newsletter – 16.10.20

LKS2 have worked tremendously hard this week and we are […]

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LKS2 – Class 7 – Computing

In Computing this week, Class 7 have been familiarising themselves […]

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LKS2 – Weekly Newsletter – 18/9/20

What an incredible second week back LKS2 have had!  On […]

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IT Support at home in case of bubbles closing

In an attempt to have a solid contingency plan in [...]
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