KS1 – Newsletter – 9.2.24

It has been amazing to see all the children in outfits that express who they are this Friday. They all looked amazing. 

We have all been focusing on our book ‘The Hunter’ in English. Both year one and year two have been re-writing the story in their own words, changing the characters and animals. Year one have also been practising their retrieval skills, answering questions about the story and filling in missing words. Their phonic sound this week has been /wh/ for whisper. Year two, have been concentrating on detail and joining sentences together using conjunctions. During Phonics, they have been focusing on the reading and writing of Common Exception Words.

Year One have been practising their subtractions skills, this time taking away from 20. They have been using numberlines, part part whole models and have been unpicking word problems to find the correct answers. In Year Two, One group have continued to focus on the inverse. They have been looking at number problems and identifying what operation they would ned to do to solve it. Group two have been counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and have been using these skills for reading scales.

This week is children’s mental health week and there have been assemblies and PSHE lessons shaped around this. During Forest schools, the children used natural materials to create faces to show their mood. They discussed how they are feeling today and what things they can do to lift their mood if they are feeling down.

With great excitement, we welcomed a Co-op robot to school for our computing lesson. We have been focusing on algorithms this half term and why it is important to give precise and correct instructions to a robot. We have discussed how even if you mean one thing, but program it with another, it will always follow the instructions given. We were very pleased that the robot was given the correct algorithm to get from the Co-op to school to bring us some biscuits!

We had the ‘Now Press Play’ headsets out in Science. We have been learning about materials and their properties. This week, we focused on how solid shapes can change their shape. We listened to and followed instructions on a story around recycling and how materials are crushed etc.. during the process of recycling.

In food technology the children were making Moroccan cous cous. They used the claw grip for chopping and snipped herbs. They measured out ingredients and discussed and added seasoning. In design technology the children began making their African masks. First they molded tin foil around their face. One they had the shape, they removed them and applied paper mache to create the shape of their masks.

In the Music lessons this week, Year One were developing their work on ‘Button you must wander’. They then made some speech rhythms, using African animals. Year Two have been learning a rhyme called ‘Engine, Engine’. They used tuned percussion to develop an accompaniment to go with it.

The children have had an introduction to Chinese New Year in Art this week. They watched videos and created their own Chinese lanterns.

Remember, next week is half term. We hope that you will all enjoy a week off together.

Next week is week 2:


Monday – Class 1 and 2

Thursday – Class 1 and 3

Friday – Class 2 and 3

Forest school – Tuesday for all of Key Stage One

Diary Dates:

Monday 19th February – Return to school after half term

Monday 4th March – Parent’s evening

Tuesday 5th March – Parent’s evening

Friday 22nd March – African workshop (children only)

Monday 25th March – 2.30pm Parent’s celebration

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