Uniform Description

Cookridge Primary School Uniform comprises of the following compulsory items and must be worn as of September 2019:

  • A jade or navy blue jumper/cardigan (opposite colour to the polo shirt) with a Cookridge school logo on.

  • A jade or navy blue polo shirt (opposite colour to the jumper/cardigan with optional logo):

  • The combination you choose is down to you and your family but please remember not to buy Jade polo shirts with Jade jumpers/cardigans or navy blue polo shirts with navy blue jumpers/cardigans.


  • Trousers, skirts or shorts need to be grey and can be purchase at any retailer of your choice.  Tights must be grey. Socks can be white or grey, of any length.


  • Please be aware that pinafores and summer dresses are NOT part of the uniform.


  • Footwear must be completely black shoes.


  • If children would like to buy book bags please ensure they have the school logo on.


  • PE kit is specified to your child’s team colours and comprises of the following compulsory items:

Yellow Team’s PE shirt and Hoody with logo 

Red Team’s PE shirt and Hoody with logo

Green Team’s PE shirt and Hoody with logo 

Blue Team’s PE shirt and Hoody with logo


  • Children are allowed to wear black shorts or joggers from any retailer of your choice e.g.

Example PE kit combination:

  • All children must have suitable footwear for PE such as non marking trainers or pumps.


  • There are many other accessories with the school logo on such as water bottles, caps, PE bags, head scarfs etc for you to purchase at our suppliers. Please ask our suppliers for more details or follow the their link for more information. 

Where can you buy the uniform from?

Our uniform supplier is Design Uniform & Workwear and their address is:




Please follow the Link to Design Uniform & Workwear’s website if you would like to purchase the uniform online and then either get a home delivery, collection from the store or a school drop (All parents selecting this will have their uniform delivered to school in a bulk drop with other parents who have also selected this option). All prices and discounts will be found on the stores website or discussed within the shop.


The Design school uniform store on The Headrow Leeds is now open between 10am and 4pm Monday through to Saturday. These time may be extended in August September information available via website


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