Parent Consultation Booking

Due to the current government guidelines this year’s initial parent consultations will comprise of a phone call and discussion with your child’s teacher or relevant member of staff on the dates provided below.

Phase: Class: Date:
EYFS Reception A & B:

Diamonds                     Shooting Stars

Genius Gems                Super Sonics

   Tuesday 10th November 
KS1 Classes 1, 2, 3 & 4 Tuesday 17th November
LKS2 Classes 5, 6 & 7 Monday 16th November
UKS2 Classes 8, 9 & 10 Monday 9th November


Please use the below form to select an appropriate time on your designated day. You can do this by selecting your relevant Class or group from the list below, click that name and then select a suitable time slot. Fill out the relevant details – Child’s name, your name and a relevant email address, then press Book. At the end of the process you should receive an email (Please check your junk mail) with the time and date booked. Just incase you don’t receive an email please jot down the date and time you submitted.

Please note if you have more than one child you need to complete the process for each child.



Parents Evening Booking Form -

Class 10 - Mr Kershaw

Class 8 - Miss Barnicoat

Class 7 - Miss Boyd

Class 6 - Mr Gamble

Class 5 - Miss Evans

Class 4 - Mrs Hoyle

Class 3 - Mr Morgan

Class 2 - Miss Devine

Class 1 - Mrs Koopman

Class 9 - Year 5 - Mrs Tillotson

Class 9 - Year 6 - Mr Maldonado

Class - Diamonds & Shooting Stars - Miss Rushworth

Class - Genius Gems & Super Sonics - Mr Joy

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