Parent Consultation Booking

The majority of parent consultations will be held on the 4th and 5th March. There are a few different dates for classes 1 and 4, so please be aware when clicking on these classes for the different dates. We are offering you the option of a face-to-face appointment in school or a telephone appointment.  

Please click on the class name below to be taken to the page to book your slots for that class.

Then select your preferred slot from the available list.

Please ensure you add the full name of your child, select which appointment type you would like (including a telephone number you would like to be called on if you have selected that option), and enter a valid email. Confirmation will be sent to your email address. (Please check your junk/spam if the email doesn’t arrive in your inbox)

If you have more than 1 child you will need to complete this process again, links to this page can be found by clicking the ‘Parent Consultations’ link on the homepage.

If you are struggling, follow the following steps:


Step 1

Select the preferred slot for your child from the available list.


Step 2

A pop up box will appear confirming your choice.


Step 3

Complete the details, please include the students’ full name, and select either a face-to-face or telephone appointment. Enter your phone number if a telephone appointment has been selected.



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