Hi, my name is Helen Gill and I’m the play therapist here at Cookridge Primary School.

I work for The Beck project which offers counselling, wellbeing and mediation support for children and young people aged 4-18 in primary and secondary schools across Leeds.

A child may find it difficult to describe how they are feeling, or why they are behaving as they do. But children can play what they struggle to put into words. Through play children can explore and rehearse different ways of understanding and coping with difficult feelings. Play Therapy can be a particularly helpful approach for children in need of therapeutic support. As a member of Play Therapy U.K. (PTUK) I work within their profession boundaries and guidelines.

I am:                                                                               

  • Someone who will provide a safe environment for your child to express difficulties through play and creative means.
  • Someone for your child to talk to
  • Someone who will listen to your child
  • Someone who will not judge

I see pupils for 45 minutes weekly during lesson time in a specifically set-up private room equipped with play and creative materials. I usually see pupils for between 8 and 12 weeks.

Play therapy is confidential but I work closely with parents and school to help support the child.

Referrals can be requested by parents, teachers or come to us from GPs. For more information or to discuss requesting a referral please contact Mrs. Hunter or Mrs. Brosnan.



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