Curriculum Offer

In partnership with parents, we aim to educate children who are resilient, respectful, and able to love and care for others and see learning as an exciting, challenging and integral part of life. We want our children to aim high with a tradition of pride in what they and others do, creating a school community that is happy, caring and one that moulds our future society into one to be proud of.

We are passionate about making a difference every day and believe that our children should be at the heart of everything we do. The environment and curriculum we provide creates learning that is fun, active and personalised, inspiring all to achieve their very best.

Cookridge Primary School does this by creating an inclusive climate of challenge for our children and staff in which it is safe to make mistakes secure in the knowledge that we will support each other along our journey of discovery.

Cookridge Primary’s ethos statement underlies everything we do and is the basis of our curriculum offer.

We pride ourselves on our broad and balanced curriculum and offer a creative cross-curricular approach which is imaginative, exciting and actively contributes to the learning experiences of all our children. To make the learning relevant, cross-curricular links are made wherever possible and children are encouraged to apply skills from all areas to complete real-life challenges, investigations and broaden their depth of learning.

We teach lessons using a variety of different approach, this enables teachers to employ teaching strategies personalised to the children, with an emphasis on creativity and independence to motivate and encourage a life-long love of learning. We aim to support children to be resilient, well rounded, self-confident independent learners.

Our PE, Art and Music provision is enhanced by specialist teachers.

English and Maths skills are taught daily to ensure our children become competent and proficient learners. English and Maths are also embraced through topic work to ensure children have the opportunity to tackle real life relevant situations with increased confidence. Our children are taught a range of computing skills and are provided with opportunities to enhance their programming skills as well as using technology creatively across the curriculum.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding (SMSC) is integral to our school curriculum and ethos and is embedded through day to day classroom activities such as philosophy for children, mind mate, bespoke PSHE lessons, RE, assemblies, curriculum content and skills. We have a high expectation of learning behaviours and expect these skills for life to translate into all elements of school life.  We encourage children to have an understanding of themselves and their place within the society and country they live in. We believe children should be taught strong British Values to support their respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs and those without faith; an understanding of individual liberty, the rule of law and democracy. Through the curriculum we offer, children experience societal, world-wide and current affairs; through involvement and education on democratic voting processes and politics; through education and discussion about the law and justice system; through a strong sense of school identity and restorative approaches that encourage deep refection of individual actions and consequences; also through a celebration of individuality and success, team work and pride.

Where appropriate we encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning by completing homework projects based on topic themes.

Cookridge Primary School's reading scheme

Cookridge Primary school has a levelled reading scheme that uses a combination of books from the following schemes:

Oxford Reading Tree 

Oxford Reading Tree – Project X

Bug Club from Pearson

Rigby Star

Big Cat Phonics – Collins

School Reading Levels

To supplement this, each Key Stage has the 100 book challenge in which children are challenged to reading a selection of books from a range of different authors  over a period of 2 years.

In addition to these schemes we have vast selection of books that children can use as free reading materials and access them on a weekly basis.

Cookridge Primary School's Phonics - Twinkl Phonics

The Twinkl Phonics Programme offers a coherently planned sequence of lessons that supports the effective teaching of phonics within EYFS, KS1 and, where appropriate, KS2.
Level 1 Twinkl Phonics provides themed teaching packs for nurseries and preschool providers to deliver each of the DfE’s Phase 1 phonics aspects. Throughout Level 1, young learners develop
the knowledge, skills and understanding to discriminate between and use auditory, environmental and instrumental sounds. Level 1 is taught in the EYFS and runs throughout the teaching
of phonics Levels 2-6. In reception, children work within Levels 2-4. Here learners are introduced to phonemes/sounds and graphemes/letters systematically. They also learn to develop and
applyblending and segmenting skills for reading and writing.
Within KS1, children work within Levels 5 and 6. The coherently planned sequence of lessons within Level 5 allows opportunities for children to apply their phonics knowledge and skills as
the prime approach to reading and spelling. It focuses on phonetically decodable two-syllable and three-syllable words and the alternative ways of pronouncing and representing the long
vowel phonemes. Furthermore, children will develop their ability to attempt to read and spell increasingly complex words. By Level 6, children explore spelling patterns and grammar while also
developing a breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding in the recognition and spelling of common exception words.
The Twinkl Phonics Programme intends to not only provide children with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding essential for reading and writing, but also, to develop
each child’s confidence, resilience and engagement in phonics lessons and a love for reading and writing.

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