LKS2 – Newsletter – 16.06.2023

Another fantastic and exciting week in LKS2.

This week Year 3 and 4, we created the setting for our adventure narrative. Using our writing from Thursday as inspiration, we chose a setting for our story. Then we made the setting out of lego, thinking carefully about the different things we would find in our setting and how we could describe them. Then we went outside and acted out the first part of our story, pretending we were in our setting and coming across an unusual animal.
















In Year 3 maths, we learned that angles are a measure of turn, and that you can measure the direction and size of a turn in different ways. We went outside and followed instructions to turn our arrow clockwise or anti clockwise, quarter, half, three quarter, or full turns. Then we drew a maze and we gave our own instructions to our partner, making sure to use the correct vocabulary.










In Year 4, we thought about angles as turns, in order to recap all of our learning of the key vocabulary needed for our new topic, including right angles, degrees, quarter/half/three quarter turns. We went outside and created mazes, then guided our friends through them, blindfolded, to practise using this vocabulary in a real life context.










We also extended our learning on angles, thinking about acute, obtuse and right angles. We went outside and drew our own shape patterns out of chalk. We used masking tape to create shapes which had to include the three different types of angles we had been learning about. We had to think carefully about where to place the tape, and how to create the angles. Then we labelled the angles to show whether they were right, acute or obtuse.










This wee in Science, we took part in our activity as part of the Great Science Share, thinking all about climate change!

Our big question was: What impact do greenhouse gases have on the earth?  To start with, we set up an experiment to make our own mini greenhouses. We used trays and clingfilm to create a small greenhouse, which we could then test. We used a thermometer to identify the difference in temperature in and outside the greenhouse. Then, we thought more about what impact this heat might have on the earth.



















In Year 3 PSHE, we looked at sleep and why it is important. We discussed the positive impact good quality sleep has on our physical health such as; keeping our immune system strong, feeling energised and refreshed and improving concentration as well as our mental health such as; feeling happy, being more focused and regulating our emotions more.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

LKS2 team

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