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A huge thanks for your patience during the implementation of our new system. As with any new system there have been a few teething issues. These are things I couldn’t really predict until the system was in full swing. Hopefully this term we will smooth these all out and we will be sorted very soon. 

I appreciate this can be annoying but the amount of admin time spent on the old system was huge and this will hopefully eventually free up some of that time. It also provides you as parents and carers a more flexible system in which you can cancel and add ad hoc sessions, which was never an option with our old system.

Card instalments and one off Payments.

All card payments are paid via the magic booking platform. PLEASE DO NOT PAY VIA PARENT PAY. On your account go to bookings. On there the ‘make payments’ option will show. Here you are able to set up a recurring card payment or make your monthly payment manually. This needs to be done in advance and your account will show in arears if you do not. Usually you will be unable to alter any bookings if you are overdue. For the next two weeks I have disabled this while everyone gets up to date. I will be reinstating this two weeks from today.

If you have already paid via parent pay, for anything used this school year (September 23 onwards) please contact me so I can move this across the magic booking account, but going forward please ensure all payments are done via The magic booking website.

Vouchers and Tax Free Child Care

As discussed in my previous correspondence vouchers and Child Tax Free Credits are paid in exactly the same way via your usual voucher provider or through the government website. This is then paid into Leeds City Council bank account. This eventually lands in our school account. This generally takes a month but it has been known to take up to 6 and payments have sometimes disappeared! Once it comes in our account it shows on our bank statement and I can reconcile that amount. This can also prove difficult as some payments will literally just say ‘The Beehive’ with no other reference and I then need to deduce who it is. 

Therefore if you make any kind of voucher or CTFC payment its extremely helpful if you can email a proof of these, (just a screen shot is fine). This way I am able to bring your accounts up to date quicker. 

Please please please contact me if you need any help. I know a new system can be annoying and confusing but i’m here to help. Given its new for everyone there seems to be lots of conflicting information in the playground and it’s more helpful if you come directly through the office for advice.

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Many thanks again.


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