EYFS – Eid Celebration Day

Reception Class have had a fantastic day celebrating the festival of Eid.

We built on our previous  learning about Eid and Ramadan to talk about how different cultures celebrate religious festivals. The children were then able to try out some different Eid themed activities around our classroom. The celebration firework pictures made using chalk markers were a big hit, with some wonderful artworks created. Some children took a great deal of time building models of mosques in the construction area, adding lots of detail as they went along. There was also counting and shape recognition activities that helped us continue to practise our maths during all the fun.

The children were then invited to join in the making of the popular Eid snack food Gol Gappay which made up part of the fantastic spread of food at our afternoon celebration. The children helped to scoop a combination of potato, onion, tomato, chick pea and cucumber into a crisp pastry shell before spooning on a delicious tamarind sauce. 

We also got together to learn a Bollywood style dance routine as part of the partying. The children all joined in and did such a good job that Mrs Hunter decided they should do it in the whole school assembly and teach all the older children their dance moves! 

After the whole school assembly, with a brilliant introduction by some of the KS2 pupils, Reception were invited to stay in the hall and join in the festivities. Many children chose to get a temporary tattoo, whereas some went straight for the food table! Thanks to the hard work and generosity of some fabulous parents and friends of the school, the children and staff enjoyed a fabulous spread of food and drink in the school hall. There was so much delicious food and it was fantastic to see so many children willing to try different and unfamiliar foods. A great time was had by all!

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