EYFS – Newsletter – 15.03.24

At the end of another busy week, we’d like to share a bit of what we’ve been up to in Reception. 

Our tour of the world has reached Australia and the continent of Oceania, so we have investigated the island nations that make up this part of the world. The children started by following an online tutorial to draw their own picture of the Sydney Opera House (this was a tricky one!). We looked at our globe and maps to see how many tiny islands are included in the continent of Oceania and learned some of their names. Many children took up the challenge to ‘Guess the Island’ from a photograph. They wrote their guesses in a sentence and posted them in the post-box before we revealed which island it had been on Google Earth. Everybody also had a go at some traditional dot painting inspired by the artworks of aboriginal Australians, with some absolutely fabulous results! 

Phonics sessions this week have introduced the phonemes ‘ow’ (clown) ‘oi’ (coin) and ‘ear’ (ear!). The children took part in listening, reading and writing activities to rehearse their skills to apply these new sounds. The children all tried to ‘hear with their ear’ the sounds of different animals and then write down what they thought they heard.

Our Maths sessions this week have been focusing on the concept of doubling numbers. The children have explored the idea of doubling as two of the same amounts/numbers in different ways and how to represent this as a number sentence.

All children had an opportunity to visit the book fair in the hall, which has visited Cookridge this week. The children enjoyed looking at a book and selecting a couple of books of their wish list. Thank you to any parents and carers who were able to support the fair by buying books, this fair is always a great way for us to raise funds to stock and replenish our library in school. Wednesday again saw us meeting up with our Class 9 Reading Buddies which gives the children time to sit and hare books with the older children. 

On Thursday we all took a walk around Cookridge to explore the local amenities around our school. As we walked we answered questions in response to what we saw, looking at local landmarks and buildings such as the fire station, high school, leisure centre and the supermarket’s recycling point. We even stopped off at Cookridge’s Free Little Library to drop off some books for other local families to enjoy. Though we were tired after all the walking, we all enjoyed getting out and about and learning a little more about the place we live. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

The Reception Team.

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