EYFS – Newsletter – 23.05.24

It’s been a lovely week to end our half term in Reception. The weather hasn’t been amazing but that has least meant that our radishes in the Reception garden are growing well! Hopefully in a few weeks we’ll be able to pick some and taste our crop! 

On Wednesday, Reception class joined the rest of the school to watch a performance of Alice in Wonderland in the school hall. The children sat beautifully and had a great time joining in the singing, dancing and madcap fun.

 As we approach the end of the children’s first year in school, we are seeing such amazing work in Phonics as the children show off all the phonics knowledge and skills they have learned since September. The children are beginning to improve their stamina in their reading and writing. We have tested how well the children have comprehended their reading with a drawing challenge this week as well as seeing some awesome writing!

Maths sessions this week have found us further exploring shapes – in particular solid 3D shapes. The children have practised using the correct names for these shapes and discussed their properties as well as investigating the 2D shapes that make up their different flat and curved surfaces. 

Thursday this week was a whole school celebration day – Power of Pattern! Mr Kershaw has been doing lots of looking into the importance of pattern in Mathematics and how the understanding of pattern underpins a lot of success in this subject. Across school, the other classes have been creating pattern picture books for Reception to read and learn from, which has left Reception free to have a load of pattern-making fun! We have used the Forest School natural loose parts to create repeating patterns; the children enjoyed preparing and eating their own fruit kebab sticks (arranged in a repeating pattern of course!) and made colourful patterned bracelets. The children also enjoyed exploring how to show patterns in coloured water, blocks, pasta and numbers in lots of different ways. Of course, all this fun was accomplished dressed in a range of fabulous patterned clothing. After all that, we are certainly ready for a week off! 

We hope you all have a brilliant week off, and we’ll see everyone back at school on Monday 3rd June!

The Reception Team

Dates for the diary:

Friday 24th May – School closed – Training Day

Monday 3rd June – School reopens

Wednesday 19th June – 1pm – EYFS and KS1 Sports day

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