EYFS – Newsletter – 27.03.24

We’ve made it around the world! In the final week of our Location, Location, Location topic, we have made it to North America. We explored this vast and varied continent though maps, books and videos and saw how it covers vast deserts, wildernesses and towering cities. The children all had a go at drawing the famous landmark of New York City, the Statue of Liberty and some chose to build their own skyscrapers to mimic those in the American city. 

We were bowled over by the number and quality of entries to our Cookridge Easter Egg competition this year. There were so many eggs-cellent entries that it must have been a very tricky job to judge the winners but congratulations go out to Amy, Henry, Zakariya and Emerie!  In own class, we held a separate competition to guess how many eggs were within a egg case in our central display. The children were asked to make a guess by writing it in a full sentence and posting it in the post-box and on Wednesday the winner was revealed as Caleb who accurately estimated that there were 26 eggs inside – well done Caleb!

On Tuesday we spent time learning all about the Christian story of Easter and the traditions associated with it. We read the story of how Jesus Christ was betrayed, crucified and then rose again on Easter Sunday. The children were then challenged to re-order a mixed up version of the story using picture prompts. Some children also chose to create their own stained-glass window design containing the Christian symbol of the cross.


On Wednesday we talked about the special month of Ramadan in the Islamic faith. We discussed how and why Muslim people fast during daylight hours and how they celebrate the end of Ramadan with Eid. The children were encouraged to make their own gift box and to draw mehndi patterns of their own to help understand how this festival is celebrated. As Eid-al-Fitr falls within our two week break from school, may we wish everyone Eid Mubarak!



On Monday this week, Reception did a fantastic job of exploring repeating patterns in a variety of ways. 


We hope everyone has a fantastic break and we’ll look forward to seeing everyone back in April!

The Reception Team.


Diary Dates:

Wednesday 27th March – School closes for Easter at 3:20pm (No school on Thursday!)

Monday 15th April – School reopens


Thursday 23rd May – School closes for half term at 3:20pm  (No school on Friday)

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