EYFS Newsletter – 28.01.22

We’ve made it to the end of another fun-packed week in Reception!

In Phonics sessions this week we have been learning the phase 3 digraphs qu, sh and ch. The children have practiced word writing from quick anagrams; practiced reading to help grant people’s wishes; and taken part in a choc chin challenge! Having lots of opportunities for experiencing reading and writing for a purpose has really helped us have fun whilst learning our new sounds. Next week we’ll move on to looking the digraphs ng and th.


Maths sessions this week have been spent getting familiar with the numbers 6, 7 and 8. We have rehearsed counting skills as well as becoming more confident in segmenting numbers into parts and recognizing numbers in a range of different representations. Next week we’ll continue exploring these numbers through comparison and use of number bonds.

Forest Schools on Thursday was great fun as we continued our theme of exploring nocturnal animals. With owls as our inspiration the children hunted for prey around the school garden to return to a nest they had constructed themselves. As well as this, the children helped to build and maintain a fire to help us melt the chocolate we needed to make owl nest crispy cakes. Yum!

Next week it is P.E. on Tuesday (1st Feb) and on Wednesday (2nd Feb) we are going to be enjoying a visit from some wonderful exotic animals. Thank you for all those that have contributed to cost of this experience, which we are certain will be exciting and memorable. We can’t wait to share the pictures in next weeks newsletter. 

Have a lovely weekend!





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