EYFS – Newsletter – 30/03/23

And with that Spring term comes to a close! How fast it has gone!

The highlight of the week for many was today’s forest schools session. During the morning the children had the chance to have a go at three different activities. Firstly, they worked around the fire with Mr Gamble to melt chocolate and make crispy chocolate nests for Easter. Secondly, they planted sunflower seeds to help Mr Gamble with his grand plan to create a sunflower reading space on the field! And finally, each group went on a walk around our local area. The children made all of the staff incredibly proud with their behaviour and manners on the walk were impeccable. 

In Phonics we have been continued recapping different phase 3 phonemes as well as practising recognising and write our capital letters. The children successfully matched pictures and captions, sorted jumbled letters to make words, and practised their formation when using these words in sentences. Outside the challenge was to fix Miss Beaston’s sentences as she had made the mistake of not including any capital letters!

In Maths we have once again looked at number bonds to 10 and recapped different methods to help us work these out. We used both part-whole models and tens frames to investigate how 10 can be made in different ways and then impressed all of the staff by writing number sentences to represent what we found with little support!

During the week the children learnt about the Easter story, ordered pictures to retell the story and also had a go at lots of different Easter egg themed activities! Outside children were challenged to choose a egg with a picture inside, hop like a bunny to the baskets and then read the labels to see which basket the egg should be placed in. Inside, we had a competition! Children had to estimate how many eggs were inside the big clear egg and then to enter the competition they had to write a sentence stating their guess!

Optional Easter activity ideas:

  • Design your own Easter eggs packaging using a repeating pattern.
  • Hide an Easter egg in your house and draw a map showing the route to get there. See if someone in your family can follow the path and find it. 
  • Keep a diary about what you get up to over the holidays. Remember to use capital letters and full stops for your sentences.
  • Make up your own story about the Easter bunny having an adventure.

We would love to see what you get up to over Easter on Tapestry!

We hope you have a lovely holiday and will see you all again on Monday 17th April.

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