EYFS – Reception – Tropical World

Today Reception all visited Tropical World to get up close with some fascinating creatures as a part of our Amazing Animals topic. On such a wet, chilly and blustery day, it was delightful to step into the simulated rainforest and desert settings where we saw a wide range of animals, from of all kinds: mammal; fish; reptiles; amphibians; birds and invertebrates. 

We were very pleased with how enthusiastic the children were in engaging with the various animal exhibits. Everyone was fascinated to see such interesting and unusual animals that many had never seen before in real life. Most popular of all were probably the meerkats and monkeys, but everyone had their own stand-outs and each group were able to spot some animals that others had not been able to spot in their enclosures (some were way too good at camouflage!).

Please enjoy the photos below and hopefully the children will come home with their own stories of the day. 

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