EYFS – Water tower building competition

This afternoon we held our annual water tower building competition! As part of our Location, Location, Location topic for this half term, we have been learning about different landmarks from around the world. Alongside the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids of Giza, we also thought about landmarks in our local area and today focused on the Cookridge water tower. We looked at it on a map and went outside to discuss its location and appearance.

We split into 6 teams are were challenged to use; 20 paper straws, 1 sheet of carboard, 1 pot of playdough, scissors and a roll of tape, to create our best models of the water tower. The children had to think carefully as the strength and stability of these towers was then to be tested by adding water.

Everyone worked really hard and produced 6, rather unique, water tower models which were then put to the test by Mr Verdi. Three towers withstood the first challenge and successfully held 100ml of water, and then after another 100ml a forth model fell. Miss Rushworth and Miss Delphs teams’ towers took the victory as both stayed standing even after the bowl was filled right to the brim!

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