KS1 – Newsletter – 1.10.21

We hope that you all enjoyed your long weekend. The staff had a great day on Monday having more training on Forest Schools that we look forward to putting into practise with the children.

This week our English has been linked in with our history topic looking at ourselves. We have used the baby photos that the children brought in to think about what they could do as babies and how they have progressed into the things they can do now. Year one have been using drama and writing about significant events in their lives. Year 2 have been using timelines to put on key events in their lives that they have all experienced and thinking about other events that are special to them.

Year 1 Maths has been focused around learning about 1 more and 1 less. They have been counting and finding one more and one less using a variety or resources. Year 2 have been consolidating their knowledge of place value and ordering and comparing numbers. They have begun to do some reasoning tasks and using Purple Mash to practise the skills.

In Geography we have been furthering our fieldwork skills. We looked at an aerial photograph of the school and talked about where we would find different parts of the school ground eg field, forest schools area, playground etc… We then made models of the school and placed photographs of the different areas around it. Year 2 then labelled their map.

On Tuesday we had our PPA day including Gymnastics using the large equipment in PE. In Art the children were creating castles which were brought home at the end of the day. They also enjoyed our guest music teacher for the day having Mr Joy!

In RE, Year one were discussing special books. They thought about which books they enjoy reading and which books are special to them. They thought about how we care for and handle books that we love. They then learnt about the Christian’s and Muslims holy books, The Bible and The Qu’ran. They looked at some and heard about how they are used. Year two were learning about the basics of the Christian faith. That Christians read the Bible, Go to church and believe in a Trinitarian God. They also learnt that Christians believe God created the world and that they believe Jesus came into the world as God’s son.

Friday 8th October – National Forest Schools Day. On this day we would love your child to bring a stick to school to use in our activities. Please could you have a look over the weekend for a suitable stick. It needs to be a decent size, but no bigger than their arm. We also would love to collect as many ‘loose parts’ as we can for our general forest schools. What we mean by this is things like acorns, conkers, pine cones etc.. and so if you collect any of these when you are out and about and happy to contribute them to school we will happily have them.

Monday 18th October – Talent show. Please practise any songs etc.. with your child at home so that they feel confident to perform.



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