KS1 – Newsletter – 10.3.23

In Year One, some of the children have been measuring using non standard amounts. The other group have been practising adding to near doubles and have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones. Year two have begun to look at division. They have worked with lots of practical resources to share out amounts, recognising that all groups must be the same.

For English Year One have started to write their own story based on ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’. They planned it out first thinking about who would be in their story, what the setting would be and what would happen with the food coming from the sky. They have also begun to learn how to edit theirs and collaborative pieces of work. Year two have also used ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’, but their have been planning, drafting, editing and publishing a newspaper.

In our forest schools session we thought about the impact of weather on habitats. We were creating our own shelters and dens, thinking about how we could make them rain and windproof.

In Geography this week we have been looking at Nigeria and comparing it with England. We have looked specifically at the difference in weather between the two countries. We noticed that Nigeria is very close to the equator and therefore has quite tropical weather and England if further away and therefore colder.

We have been looking at lots of different kinds of evidence to find out things from the past in History. This week we have been finding out facts about our teachers and what school was like when they were young. Carrying on with our knowledge of evidence types, we used oral accounts, questioning the teachers, noticing differences between what they experienced and what school is like now.

We were out looking for signs of Spring in our Science lessons this week. We noticed daffodils and snow drops that have grown and buds that have begun to appear on the trees. Who would have thought we’d have ended the week with a snow day?!

Key Dates:

Next week is week 1.

PE Kits needed on Monday for all three classes

27.3.23- Parent Poetry celebration- 2.30pm

30.3.23- Break up for Easter

31.3.23- Training day

Some of the children from our phase our in an animal club and have been for a visit to the vets. This was very popular and some of the children would now like to become a vet!

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