KS1 – Newsletter – 14.7.23

It has been a fun and fabulous week in school this week. The children were outstanding in sports day, doing their absolute best and having a fantastic time to boot! We were all extremely grateful for the lovely weather on Thursday, which allowed us to have the best time on the inflatables, the slip and slide and making and eating smores. Who wouldn’t love a day of that?!

In Year one, we have begun discussions about transitions for the children moving to new classes and how they feel about this. We have been reflecting on this year and all the things the children have enjoyed learning about. In English, we then wrote letters to the Reception children inviting them to come for a visit to year one and telling them about all the amazing things they may learn about and do to help them settle in. Year Two have completed their Lighthouse keeper stories and have been publishing them, ready to go in their writing files to be sent to Year 3!

Year One have continued learning about time this week. They have been focusing more on beginning to tell the time, learning about o’clock and half past. They have been reading the time on clocks and making the correct times on their clocks too. Please practise at home and see if they can tell you where the minute and hour hands will be for o’clock and half past times. With little time for Maths amongst all the fun this week, year 2 have just been consolidating skills and practising basic operations preparing them for the coming year.

In RE this week, Year One have continued to think about how we treat others. This week, they heard a story that is in the Bible from the Christian faith, called The Good Samaritan. They thought about how each of the characters in the story behaved and whether they thought they should have done something different. They then wrote about and illustrated a situation where they would like to help someone. Year Two have continued their topic on prayer. This week, they have been looking at how people in the Muslim faith pray. They have learned about how they pray 5 times a day, on a prayer mat facing Mecca. They learned about their special washing routine called the Wudu and why this is important.

The children learned a new skill in computing this week, as they used the 2animate program to create a different kind of animation. They used the plasticine characters they had made to take photos to create a stop motion animation. They took a photograph of their model before moving it slightly and taking the next photograph. When the photographs we run in a sequence together, it looked like their character was moving.

It has been the final week of learning about the Carnival of the animals for year One. This week, the children were learning about the swan and fossils and again had the pleasure of listening to Mrs Durrant playing one of her instruments…. This time it was the cello. Year two continued with their work on making musical kebabs and listening maps.

In Food technology the children have been reviewing their year. They have designed a front cover for a recipe book and have been putting recipes for the things they have made in it. They have completed an evaluation of the recipes they enjoyed making and eating the most.

In Art the children have been looking at geometric patterns in nature for example on snowflakes and flowers. They then designed their own and used cutting skills to recreate them. Year two have brought home their sketch books this week, so you will be able to have a look at all the fabulous work they have been doing in KS1.

After making characters for computing last week, we were able to put them into action this week, creating stop motion videos. The children posed their character and took a photo. They then moved the character a bit and took another photo. They repeated this process and then played all the photos together in a video so that it looked like their character was moving.


Please can we have ALL reading books back in school ASAP. We will be collecting them all in for the Summer. Any lost books will need to be paid for.

Please could you also send you child to school with a carrier bag on Wednesday, so that we can send them home with their books from this year. Thanks in advance.

Key Dates:

Next week is week 2.

The children will all be visiting their new classes and meeting their new teachers next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.


PE Kits needed for Class 1 Monday and Thursday

                              Class 2 Monday and Friday

                              Class 3 Thursday and Friday

Forest schools for everyone on Tuesday

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