KS1 – Newsletter – 17.11.23

Is it really only week two?! We have all been working so hard, it feels a lot further into the term than that.

Year One have continued with their work on Bog Baby this week. They have felt very grown up doing their first reading comprehension around the book and have retold the story in their own words. Year two have continued their work on Bigfoot. They practised asking questions and thinking about how to create tension.

In Maths this week, Year One have been learning how to read and write numbers in words. They have completed a range of activities, including ipad work and games, to help them. Have a go at home and see if they can remember them – especially tricky ones like eight! One group in Year two have been doing addition using lots of practical resources. The other group have been doing subtraction, using columns. They have begun exchanging and ensuring they have borrowed the ones carefully.

We continued our work on materials in Science this week. We were recognising the difference between and object and the material it is made from. Our focus again was around identifying what objects are made from and classifying them into groups according to this independently in our books.

In food technology, the children were learning about where different foods and where they come from. They tried an exotic fruit – pomegranate and a fruit that is grown in Yorkshire – rhubarb. They then drew them, wrote about them and compared the two. In design technology, the children have been adding turrets to their castles. They did this, by making slits into the cardboard and inserting the turret onto the walls.

In Art, the children began to make the background for the work they will be doing next lesson. They were exploring with patterns, squiggles and textures to create the background – Check in next time to find out what the background was used for!

In Music, Year One, the children read the book ‘Leaf man’. They listened to some music around it and made up movements behaving like leaves. They then made rhythmic patterns using leaves, sticks and conkers. Year two began the Nutcracker story. They listened to the story and then created a wintery sound scape using the first pictures from the book.

In RE, Year One were learning about Muslim festivals. They learnt about Ramadan and the two Eid festivals. They looked at how these festivals are celebrated with food, time with family and friends, gifts and other traditions like mehndi hand patterns. Year two began looking at how people in the Christian faith welcome babies. They learnt about the service called a Christening (or baptism), how a baby will have water or oil put on their heads around a font and about other practises such as lighting a candle.

Finally, in PSHE, the children have all been learning about teams. They have thought about what teams they are in, how they need to behave to be in a team, how it feels to be in a team and the fact we all bring different qualities to a team and we are all needed.

Next week is week 2:


Monday – Class 1 and 2

Thursday – Class 1 and 3

Friday – Class 2 and 3

Forest school – Tuesday for all of Key Stage One

Diary Dates:

Wed 22nd Nov- Photo day

Friday 1st Dec- Christmas fair- after school

Thurs 14th Dec- KS1 Christmas performance- Parents-(2 family members only please) 2.30 pm

Fri 15th Dec- KS1 Singing at ASDA- 9.45 am-10.45 am

Mon 18th Dec-KS1 Care Home event at school- Grandparents welcome-10am-11am

Fri 22nd Dec- Break up

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