KS1 – Newsletter – 17.3.23

Happy Mother’s day to all the Mummy’s and ‘just like Mummy’s’ out there. We hope you have a lovely day on Sunday and are made to feel really special.

Year One have been thinking about our Mum’s in English this week and all the things that make them special. They have been using their phonics to write about all the things they love about their Mums and what they like doing together. They have also been writing and practising performing poems. Year two have begun a new book called ‘The Mouse hole cat’. They are using this to begin writing a descriptive narrative, continuing to use conjunctions and also focus on their handwriting.

Our Maths focus in Year one this week has been around length. They have been comparing lengths, recognising which are longer/ taller or shorter. They have also been using non-standard units of measure to see how long different items are. In Year two the children have continued with their work on division. This week, they have been using division within words problems.

The children have been looking at Durer’s Rhino in Art this week. They have explored texture and patterns on Durer’s print. Using the frottage technique, they created rubbing pictures of their own.

With St Patricks day at the end of this week, the children explored lots of links in music. They created a rhythm stack routine using Book whackers, they had a go at scarf dancing and sang along to Irish folk songs. They then created rhythm compositions based on speech rhythms.

In RE, Year One focused on the month on Ramadan. They learned about how it is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and how people choose to not eat during daylight hours. They also heard about how Muslims choose to read the Qu’ran more, pray more and do good deeds and are rewarded by Allah. In Year two, they learned about Lent and the days Special days surrounding it. They thought about why people would give up foods and the things they would focus on during this time. Both year groups looked at the similarities and differences between Lent and Ramadan.

In DT, the children were split into two groups as usual. The food technology group were making wraps this week. They used the claw grip and bridge hold to cut tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce. They grated carrot and spread butter. They then practised rolling up the wrap. In the other group, they continued to make their fire engines. In this session they were creating ladders out of lolly pop sticks and sirens for the top out of pompoms.

We used our knowledge of what we’ve learned about each of the seasons in Science this week to write a seasonal poem. We then practised performing it for others. Watch out in the parent event, you may get to listen to one!

We want to give a big shout out to our team captains from Key Stage Two this week, who came and did an assembly with each of the Key Stage One classes. They wrote questions on the topics that we have been learning about and gave the children a quiz to check their fluency and understanding, which they all really enjoyed.

Key Dates:

Next week is week 2.

PE Kits needed for class 1 on Thursday and Classes 2 + 3 on Friday

27.3.23- Parent Poetry celebration- 2.30pm

30.3.23- Break up for Easter

31.3.23- Training day

Have a look at these photos from the snow day last week. We didn’t want any one to miss out!

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