KS1 Newsletter-19.11.21

We’ve had another fun filled, busy week in Key stage One.

In English Year One have been writing risk assessments for their upcoming trip. They have thought about things that they must remember to do like putting on seatbelts and things they musn’t do, like toughing dogs or eating plants. They have also been focusing on their handwriting and spelling Common Exception Words. In Year Two they began reading ‘The Paper bag Princess’ and thinking about the morals in the story. They then made finger puppets out of brown envelopes for the dragon and Princess. They have also begun looked at the suffixes -ly, -ing and -ed. They have been spotting them in texts and looking at when and how they are used.

In Maths Year One have continued to learn about and practise their Numberbonds to ten. They have been particularly using ten frames and Numicon and playing some practical games. In Year two, their focus has remained on adding two digit numbers. Beginning with adding numbers that do not bridge ten and moving on to exchanging.

In Geography, we have introduced the use of Atlases. We are building on our knowledge of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, their capital cities and naming the waters around the UK. This week, we put together a map of the UK in a jigsaw style. We then used the Atlases to label the Countries, Capital cities and seas on the map.

We did another experiment in Science, this time working out who could build the strongest bridge. We made sure we kept some things the same eg the distance between the tables, the weights and increments we would use. We used straws, cardboard, lolly pop sticks and masking tape. We had to think about how to attach it together and to the tables, as well as how to ensure it was a stable structure.

In DT, the children were creating castles, with a pop up structure. In Music, the children created shields with musical symbols representing a xylophone, chime bars, maracas and a tambourine. They then used these to point to one of the symbols and the child with that symbol played until they pointed to a different symbol.

In RE, Year One were learning about the Christmas festivals of Harvest, Easter, Advent and Christmas. They were looking at how these are celebrated in people’s homes and in the church. In Year two, the children were learning about how children are welcomed into the Christian and Islamic faith. They learned about Christenings and Aqiqahs and the rituals these involve.

The children ahve also enjoyed using Now Press Play- using the earphones to go on a journey through a castle.

Key Dates:

25.11.21-Year Two-Trip to Chevin-Forest Schools clothes needed

2.12.21 – Year One -Trip to Chevin-Forest school clothes needed

8.12.21-Christmas Production- am and pm

17.12.21-Break up

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