KS1 – Newsletter – 5.7.24

We’ve had another great week in Key Stage One, learning and growing together. We are always so impressed with how the children behave and the work they produce.

We have seen some fantastic writing across KS1 this week as the children did their final writes based on a viewpoint narrative. Year One, were writing about what they did and what they saw at Cannon Hall Farm. Year Two, were writing as though they were an alien that landed on Earth by accident and what they saw on the farm. There have been some brilliant, creative ideas and interpretations and we are really proud of all the writing and what the children have achieved.

In Year One Maths this week, they built on their knowledge of time. This week, they were learning about how we measure time and what things we could do in seconds, minutes and hours. They then began to use clocks to learn how to read and represent o’clock and half past. Year Two have been recapping all the basic skills and the four operations they have been learning throughout Year Two.

We have been doing a round-up of our space topic in history this week. We have been working towards answering the following question: How has the world explored and learnt about space since space travel began? We worked together, to write down all the things we have learnt about, the people who have been to space, the places they have explored and the things that they did.

It has been all about food chains in Science this week. They have already learnt about which animals are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. They were able to use this knowledge to work out some of the food chains. They identified and named different food sources and used pictures to complete a variety of different food chains.

In RE, Year One have been reading more stories from the Christian and Muslim faith. They have been thinking about what they can learn from these stories and why the people of these faiths read them. Year Two have been focusing on how, where and when Muslims pray. They have learnt about the washing routine ‘Wudu’ and the fact that they always face in the direction of Makkah when they pray.

The children have been practising their animation skills in computing, using PurpleMash. They are now quite competent at choosing a theme and a background and being able to use the onion tool to gradually add things to their picture and making the characters move.

We have had a final round up for Geography, discussing all the things that we have learnt over the year. The children are all very good at naming the continents and are building confidence in naming the oceans.

We had a lovely final forest schools session making memory sticks. After finding and choosing our sticks, we wound them with wool. Each time we thought about a memory that we had enjoyed from this year, we wound the wool around our sticks. Looking back we realised that this has been a fantastic year filled with all kinds of happy memories.

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