KS1 – Newsletter – 6.10.23

We have had lots of opportunities for outdoor learning this week in Key Stage One and appreciate your co-operation sending in extra outdoor or indoor shoes to change into.

It was National Poetry day this week and leading on from our visit from the poet last week, we have all been looking at poems. We have all been reading and writing Poetry in English and working towards an entry for a poetry competition. Year One have been looking at acrostic poems. They were focusing on themselves and what makes them unique. What things they like and what words they would use to describe themselves. We used all of these things, to write our own acrostic poems about ourselves. In phonics, we have been focusing on the /ea/ sound making /ee/. They have looked at words with /ee/ and /ea/ and have been sorting them and practising writing them.

We have had lots of fun in Maths this week, with Year One starting to look at part part whole models and Bar models. We have been investigating different ways of making a number and different representations for the parts. Year two have started a topic on addition. They began by adding using a numberline and simple place value charts.

We have been working Scientifically this week to order and classify animals. We were specifically looking at those that have feathers and those that have fur.

We had the atlases out in Geography this week as we were identifying the four countries that make up the UK and finding them on the map. We saw their positions in relationship to each other and the fact that Northern Ireland is not attached to the rest of the UK.

Geography was also linked with history this week as we went on a local walk. We looked around our area, noticing what buildings we pass. We thought about how long those buildings had been there and whether they are buildings that we have been in or not. We found out that Holt Park Active opened in 2013 and is one of the newest buildings. Lots of us have been inside.

In RE, Year One have been looking at some stories from the Bible and Qu’ran. They learnt about the Creation and how Christians and Muslims believe that the world was created. In Year two, the children have been learning about the basics from the Christian faith. Knowing that they read the Bible, attend church, have the cross and fish as their special symbol and that they believe Jesus was the son of God.

In PSHE, Year one have been focusing on feelings. Identifying what their different feelings are and what situations they may feel those feelings in. In Year two, the children have been looking at friendships and what happens when friends fall out. They have been learning strategies for dealing with conflicts.

We have been learning some basic skills in PE. Finding different ways to travel around an area, finding spaces. We have also been practising our gymanastics.

Next week is week 1:

PE: Friday – for all of Key Stage One

PPA day. Forest school – Tuesday for all of Key Stage One

Mental health week – We will have lots of opportunities to help the children open up and explore mental health issues

Diary Dates:

Parent’s consultations: 7th and 8th November

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