KS1 – Shelter Building – Forest School

Today in Forest School pupils in Key Stage 1 put their shelter making skills to the ultimate test in the wet conditions! After several sessions on experimenting with ‘A-Frame’, ‘Lean-To’ and ‘Tepee’ dens, groups had to build one today using a tarp with the aim of keeping them dry from the rain. Their den would have to fit every team member inside and provide protection from the wind as well as rain. After a quick discussion where we reviewed and revisited previous learning, challenges and successes, teams got to work finding an appropriate site to build on, sourcing den building sticks that suited their type of den and worked together to attach their tarp. Once completed, teams had some time to decorate and furnish their dens using loose parts and tell jokes and stories. To end the session, we reviewed the series of lessons on den building and shared what we’d learned; this included comments on different types of dens, teamwork, problem solving and the importance of communication. Well done KS1! 

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