KS1 – Shelters – Forest School

Children in KS1 revisited their previous lesson which was learning how to construct different types of shelters – ‘tepee,’ ‘A-Frame’ and ‘Lean To.’ Children began by evaluating an example of each shelter made by Mr Gamble where they demonstrated a keen eye and logical thinking in recognising the positives and picking apart the errors he’d made! Afterwards, children organised themselves into teams to build one type of shelter which they’d seen. Working together, groups communicated well, problem-solved and created their own shelters whilst thinking carefully about the features of each type of den. Groups were able to adapt and change their plans based on success and problems encountered throughout the challenge. At the end, we revisited one of the key principles of Forest School (setting) and ensured everything was put back the way we had found it – the children expertly cleared their areas and left no trace on the natural environment. 

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