LKS2 – Ancient Egyptian Bread – Forest School

Pupils in LKS2 have spent the morning being Ancient Egyptian bakers! Using their Forest School fire skills, classes were tasked with making flatbreads using a recipe over 2,000 years old for our parent event this afternoon. Children worked together to build, light and maintain open fires whilst other pupils worked hard to make the dough. Carefully following the recipe and instructions, children weighed, mixed and kneaded the contents until it was a consistent texture. Next, they cut the dough, rolled it and flattened it ready for cooking outside. Just like the Ancient Egyptians, we then used a bread oven over a fire to cook the dough and, like all good chefs, we taste tested our food before the afternoon. All the children agreed it was delicious and for that extra sweet taste some children added honey to their bread – the Ancient Egyptian equivalent of sugar! As we reflected, children discussed the importance of learning skills to use for purposes (such as the fire making skills we have done since January) and the sense of satisfaction and achievement you feel when succeeding in a task. 

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