LKS2 – Class 4 & 6 – Netball

We thoroughly enjoyed developing our netball skills today in PE. First we recapped our passing skills by completing a race against the clock activity to pass the ball to every member of the group within 2 minutes! We completed this activity by using a chest pass and then as a bounce pass. We then discussed our key word ‘dynamic’ and how this means being ‘on the move’. We applied this in our learning by changing direction to lose a defender. We then played ‘Through the gate’ where half the class were ‘defenders’ and stood between two cones to make a gate and defend this. All other pupils were attackers and scored a point by running through a defender’s gate. Defenders used side steps to delay the attacker and get in their way. We then played a 4v4 game in which applied our learning of passing, moving and play within the footwork rule. We aimed to pass the ball between our team to our team mate who was the ‘saver’ at the other side of the court and score points.

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