LKS2 – Class 4&6 – Maths

In Miss Nodding’s maths group we began our new topic! The children began by exploring capacity and volume. They can find the concept of capacity and volume confusing and often use the terms interchangeably. We used practical conversations to understand that capacity is the maximum amount of liquid a container can hold when full, whereas volume refers to the specific amount of liquid in a container. We also addressed the common misconception that taller containers always have a greater capacity. We had time to fill and pour liquids from a range of containers to support us in this, as well as helping us become more confident with estimating capacities. We used the fact that 1,000 ml is equal to 1 litre to allow
us to interpret different scales, which is a vital skill, so the children were exposed to a range of different-sized containers as well as scales split into a different number of intervals. We progressed our learning further by looking at images of containers and working out how many intervals there are and then using this to work out the volume and compare these to other images of containers. 

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