LKS2 – Class 6 – Forest School

This morning, class 6 had a brilliant time in Forest School. We had two main tasks today: first, to start a fire and second, to keep the fire going! We started by recapping the fire triangle, which tells us the three things needed to make a fire; oxygen, fuel and heat. In small groups, we gathered sticks and built a fire lay of our choice, using the skills we learned in our last Forest School session. Then we used flint to make a spark and start the fire. Those of us that managed it then had to keep it alight by carefully adding fuel (using a fire glove of course!). It was tough to choose the correct size and amount of sticks, as well as building a fire lay which allowed oxygen to get to the fire. Some of us were able to keep the fire going for a few minutes – maybe after Christmas we’ll be able to make our own hot chocolate!

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