LKS2 – Class 7 – Science Day

Yesterday, we completed a range of activities to explore seed dispersal and pollination of plants. We acted out seed dispersal, with one child as the tree, holding tennis balls which represented the seeds. When the seeds were dropped, other children acted as the wind and as small animals who might eat the seeds, to demonstrate the different ways seeds can be dispersed. We also discussed the benefits of seeds landing somewhere where they had more space to grow. Then we acted as bees and went around the playground looking for ‘flowers’ to drink from. We collected ‘pollen’ on our cotton buds and took it with us to the next flower. This showed how pollination occurs. Then we came back inside and debated the statement ‘Cookridge is a bee friendly school’, using opinion corners. Finally, we annotated and drew on an aerial map of the school to show our ideas for what we could add to make Cookridge more bee friendly.

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