LKS2 – Den Building and Knots – Forest School

Today in Forest School pupils have revisited the Prusik and Bowline knots in order to pitch a tent shelter correctly. After a quick review and revisit of the two knots they would need, pupils learnt how to attach a ‘float line’ between two trees using Bowline knots whilst also ensuring the line remained taught. After watching, discussing and taking part in the demonstration, teams were then tasked with using these skills to pitch their own tent shelters around the school grounds. To be successful, children had to apply the knowledge they had gained and practiced as well as being extremely resilient and quick at problem solving and thinking outside of the box. At the end of the session, teams were able to review and reflect on their own shelters including what had gone well and not so well before sharing ideas with the group about what they’d do differently next time. 

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