LKS2 – English – Viking Feast

Leading up to our write this week, we acted out our own Viking invasion on the field. To begin with, we split into groups and assigned who were going to be the Viking warriors and who were going to be the Anglo Saxons. Then, we proceeded to act out a raid, thinking about the gold, silver and jewels to steal, along with slaves to be captured and taken back to Scandinavia. After this, we all acted out the journey back to our home land. We created longship formations in groups, using sticks as oars to paddle through the stormy water back to the shoreline. Finally, we entered back into the classrooms, which were all laid out as longhouses ready to act out a feast. We chose a lord, a lady and a jarl to sit at the head table, all drank ‘mead’ and feasted on bread and dried fruit. We also had skalds (poets) reading Viking poetry and Nordic folk music playing in the background. To end the morning, we used the feast as a stimulus and planned what our write is going to include in groups on A3 paper.

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