LKS2 – Newsletter – 06.10.23

What a fantastic week it has been in LKS2!

In English, the children have written and published their poems. They have worked really hard to create either acrostic, alliteration or rhyming poems. All poems will be entered into a poetry competition and we’re really excited to see who may win.

In Forest School this week, LKS2 we have put their knot knowledge to the test by creating shelters using Bowline and Prusick knots. Teams were given a shelter building kit box which contained a tarp, tent pegs, paracord and a float line rope. After a crash course in how to erect the shelter correctly, children worked together and problem solved continuously to build a shelter that could keep them dry if it rained and could fit all members of the group inside. Afterwards, we reviewed and reflected on the session and discussed ways to improve our shelters next time. 

In history, the children considered the historical enquiry of: “What impact did Armley Mills have on the local area.” T0 do this, they learnt about the history of the mill and put events in chronological order. Then, they considered our historical enquiry question together. 

Over the course of this week, the children from Miss Chambers’ maths class applied their learning of rounding to the nearest ten to a real-life context: shopping! They were given a budget and prices for products. They had to round each price to the nearest 10 to estimate how many products they could buy within their budget. The prices started with rounding 3-digit numbers to the nearest ten. Then, they progressed to rounding 4-digit numbers to the nearest ten.

Remember that Monday (09.10.23) is PPA day, so the children will need to be in normal school uniform.

Have a great weekend!

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