LKS2 Newsletter – 08.09.23

What a fantastic week it has been in LKS2! It has been to welcome everyone back after the summer break. Throughout this week the children have worked hard across all subjects.

This week, Tuesday afternoon was focused on the theme of resilience. The children were tasked to create towers using only paper. This meant they had no glue or cellotape. This welcomed some great conversations about the importance of resilience and strategies we can use so that we never give up!

In science, we thought carefully about how to conduct an experiment. First, we considered what makes something an experiment, and learnt that it is to test something, record what happens, and use your observations to answer a question. We followed careful instructions to set up our own practical experiment by investigating whether cornflour and water make a solid or a liquid. We realised that the mixture could both be a solid and a liquid. This was because it is a ‘non-Newtonian liquid’ which means that the same material may appear more thick or runny in different situations – depending on the force or pressure applied to it.

Yesterday, we had a fantastic PE session! Over the course of the afternoon, the children took part in a carousel of activities which challenged their communication and team-work as well as a range of PE skills. This included: catch the flag, an obstacle course, cross the river and hot potato.

At the start of each half-term, you will receive a LKS2 newsletter which details what children will be learning over the coming weeks with some important upcoming dates for LKS2 – these are also on the website. In addition to the newsletter, you will also receive optional half-termly homework grids for pupils to complete if they wish. All the information regarding these are on the relevant attachment. 

LKS2 Homework Grid Aut 1

Newsletter – LKS2 Autumn 1

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

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