LKS2 – Newsletter 1/3/24

Hello everyone, another lovely week completed in LKS2 – mostly with just Year 3 as Year 4 enjoy their residential in Robinwood!

We started the week by celebrating Chinese New Year!
For Chinese New Year, we learnt about the history of this festival and the traditions of celebrating it.  One of these, was to give the beautiful red envelope (known as hóngbāo) to your friends and family. These are usually filled with money – and symbolize good wishes and luck for the new year ahead. We then made our own red envelope, decorated them and added wishes of good luck inside. We then learnt how to pronounce different greetings and how to wish people a ‘Happy New Year’ and added these to our envelopes. We then played some traditional Chinese games such as catch the dragons tail, cuju, checkers and catching seven pieces. Throughout the day, children had the opportunity to bake and cook food for a celebratory meal which we all enjoyed together.























































This week in Maths, Year 3 revised their learning on fractions. We practised recognising unit fractions and used them to describe objects, adding and subtracting fractions and finding fractions of amounts. We applied our learning and understanding to answer reasoning questions on each of the topics. We ended the week by putting different fractions onto number lines.

In Science, we explored light and shadows. First, we looked at the words, ‘opaque’, ‘translucent’ and ‘transparent’. Then we discussed how we thought shadows were made. We then got some torches, turned off the lights and explored different questions linked with shadows such as, ‘What happens to the object when you move the torch?’, ‘What happens if you drew detail on the card?’ and ‘Which material creates the darkest shadow?’. We discussed our findings with each other and then made our own shadow puppet show and performed these. These included, The Ginger Bread Man, The 3 Bad wolves, The Chinese New Year story and our own unique stories! 

This week in French, we engaged in conversations by asking and answering questions to express opinions and respond to those of others, in the context of asking a partner and answering whether we like certain fruit. First, we played the ‘corners game’  to identify different fruit and used the question ‘Qu’est-ce que c’est ?’. We then applied this knowledge by selecting a piece of fruit on our table and asked a question to a partner Aimes-tu….?
We then answered the question orally using: J’aime… Je n’aime pas… J’aime beaucoup… J’aime un peu…

















In English, Year 3 practiced using the sentence toolkit to build their own, well structured sentences that included a conjunction. First, we practiced developing our sentences in our by writing them into our books. Then, we used the iPads on Purple Mash to add these sentences into our own short stories. 


















Next week is Week 2 – so there will be no PPA on Monday. We look forward to all the fun another week has in store! 

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