LKS2 – Newsletter – 15.092023

What a great week in LKS2!

In English, we have been working hard to plan our Information text on Leeds. We have spent the week gathering information about Modern Day Leeds and some different aspects of Leeds. To finish the week, we got into groups to create an informative presentation about an aspect of Leeds like the shopping, sports or the water front. First, we did some research with our group to gather facts and key information that we could use in our presentation. Then we created sentences together that were interesting and informative. Some people in our group used a thesaurus to help us get interesting word choices. Finally, we shared our information with the rest of the class.


This week in Maths, Year 3 and 4 have been looking at place value. In Year 3, they completed a practical task we develop our place value knowledge of three-digit numbers. Using base 10 and a place value chart, we represented numbers and discussed how many hundreds, tens and ones they had. We then played ‘guess the number’ where we represented a number using base 10 to find out its value. We then looked at pictorial representations of numbers and used our place value grid to say which number it is.

In Year 4, we have used based ten to explore 4 digit numbers and completed some practical problems involving place value of 4 digit numbers. We started by completing a sheet which challenged us to make different 4 digit numbers using the digits 0 – 9. Then, we played a mystery number game with our partner. We wrote a 4 digit number on a post it note and stuck it on their forehead. They had to figure out the number by asking 10 questions, for example ‘are there more than 5 thousands?’ or ‘is it an even number?’


















This week in Science, we thought carefully about what a scientist is and what they do. As a class we came up with our own definitions and thought about how to conduct an experiment. We thought about our previous lesson and the new vocabulary we had learnt. We investigated what liquid density was and how each liquid is different. In groups we compared different liquids and predicted which one had the greatest density. We then tested out our hypotheses to see if we were correct. After we had completed our experiments children reflected and evaluated as a group.



















There is a parent workshop on Monday 18th September at 2:30.



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