LKS2 Newsletter – 20.10.23

What a busy and fun-filled week it has been in LKS2!

In science, the children have been learning all about the classification of animals and how to categorise them. Children went on a wildlife hunt around the field and playground documenting and observing different animals. We then put our data into different categorises. Finally, children worked in groups to create their own flowchart using different yes or no questions to help separate animals that may have similar features.

Over the course of this week, the children in Miss Chambers’ maths class were historians, and applied their learning of Roman numerals from one to a hundred! They were given a selection of muddled up historical documents about their school and had to use their understanding of Roman numerals to translate the volume and chapter numbers. They then used this knowledge to organise the documents into the correct order.

On Tuesday, a small group of children went to Otley to attend a cross country competition against other schools in the local area. The Year 3/4 children ran a 900m course around the fields and the 5/6 children ran 1500m around the field. It was a cold, windy day on a tough course but the children did brilliantly. Their enthusiasm, support and encouragement for each other was brilliant to see. We had some fantastic results within the competition and we are eagerly waiting for the official results to come through! The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we look forward to attending more events like this!








This week in PE, the Year 3’s have been practising some of the fundamental skills they have learned over the last half term. They practised the skill of running, jumping and skipping. We then used these skills in a small game where we had to steal the cones from the nest without being tagged by the protector!







































On top of all of that… Year 3 and 4 have enjoyed a wonderful trip to Armley Mills today as part of our local history study and our work in English. Whilst there, pupils participated in two workshops. One was a living history experience to discover what life was really like for children in Victorian schools. In character, pupils learned the 3 R’s in a typical Leeds schoolroom in 1887 under the watchful eye of Miss North, the school Ma’am, as well as participating in a PE lesson unlike the ones we teach today! The second workshop focused on local history through a fun, interactive session. They were given jobs that children would have carried out in the mill all the years ago and experienced what it was like to live, dress and work as a child during the height of the Industrial Revolution at Armley Mills.

We hope you have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week!

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