LKS2 – Newsletter – 24.03.23

Well done for another great week of learning in LKS2! We have been really impressed with the effort that everyone has put in for their learning this week.

In English this week, the Year 3’s and 4s used their 5 senses to help them write a setting description. We went on the field and discussed what we could see, hear, smell taste and feel. Then we wrote some descriptive sentences using ambitious vocabulary and fronted adverbials. 











In History, we wrote recounts about Boudicca’s rebellion. We looked at some event cards and watched a video. Then we re-enacted the rebellion. Afterwards, we then had a go at writing our own recount using the key information like; Iceni tribe, rebellion, invasion and Battle of Watling Street.











In Science, we looked at food chains. We about producers, prey and predators. First we sorted some picture cards into a Venn diagram to decide if we thought they were predator or prey (or both). Then we worked in groups to make our own food chains and then we wrote about the different animals that made the food chain. 










In PE, the Year 3’s worked incredibly hard to learn a Roman dance. We thought about the different moves the could represent key features of Roman life like the colosseum, lions and gladiators. We were really excited to show the parents and enjoyed performing it. 

LKS2 team wanted to say a big thank you for the turnout at the celebration event on Thursday. It was brilliant to see so many parents and share with you some of the things the children have been learning about. 








Reminder: Next week, we are going to Breary Marsh so please ensure that your child is wearing suitable clothes and footwear. Due to recent rain, there is a high chance of wet ground!

Have a lovely weekend, 

LKS2 team

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