LKS2 – Newsletter – 27.10.2023

What a brilliant final week! We are very proud of the children’s hard work this half term. It has been a long one but the children’s perseverance, resilience and effort has been exceptional and they have definitely earned a rest. 

This week in English, LKS2 we have been writing our Historical Narratives. We used inspiration from our learning in class and our trip to Armley Mills to help us write our narratives. We have worked INCREDIBLY hard and the work we have created has been fantastic!

Over the course of this week, the children from Miss Chambers’ maths class went shopping and applied the column method of addition and subtraction. They were given a budget of £9999 and a shopping list. They had to work out the total cost of their shopping list from four different shops, using the column addition method. They then had to work out which shop was the cheapest by using column subtraction to subtract the total cost of each shop from their budget. In Miss Bourne’s group, we looked at formal column addition with regrouping. We used a variety of resources to practise different ways of adding and thinking about regrouping. We used a Gattegno Chart, and abacus, counting beds and place value counters to explore what happens when we add and regroup.

We have rounded off our week celebrating National Apple Day with an afternoon of toffee apples! Year 4 didn’t mind the wet conditions and worked determinedly throughout the series of tasks they had to complete. First, teams had to peel and skewer their apples and make a delicious mix of brown sugar and a sprinkling of cinnamon for flavouring. Pupils learnt how to feed a fire and took turns in doing so whilst demonstrating excellent risk management and safety around an open fire. Once fires were hot and big enough, pupils then roasted their apples until they were warm before rolling and covering them in the toffee mix. Once covered, children then returned their apples to the fire to melt the sugary mix. Finally, teams enjoyed tucking into a delicious treat as we discussed the history of toffee apples and the time of year they are popular.

In PE, Year 3’s continued to work on their gymnastic rolls by learning how to do a forward roll. The Year 4’s had a one off lesson exploring fundamental skills in a game situation and practised thei dodging, agility and running skills in a human version of ‘Crossy Roads’.




Have a fantastic and restful half term!


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