LKS2 Newsletter 4/2/22

Happy Friday! We’ve had a very exciting week in LKS2…

On Monday, we dedicated a whole day to learning about the pyramids of Egypt and how they were built. We learned some key facts about pyramids by watching a video and reading a text, then summarised our findings in bullet points. Then we went outside and experienced what it was like to be an Egyptian slave, dragging pyramid blocks across the desert! We had to work in a team to figure out the best way of transporting the tree trunks from one end of the field to another, using very limited apparatus! Finally, we used our experience and knowledge to write a diary from the perspective of an Egyptian slave after a long day at work!

Every class has had the opportunity this week to visit Leeds City Museum, to take part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop. Highlights included searching for Egyptian artefacts, seeing a real life Egyptian mummy and then having a go at mummifying a doll – we even removed it’s organs! The children thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Ancient Egypt, and their behaviour was brilliant throughout.

In Geography this week, we learned the different ways the globe can be divided up, for example the Equator, the Tropics, and the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. After learning the significance of these divisions, we went outside and drew our own globe on the playground and labelled it with everything we had learned.

In Science, we carried out an investigation to answer the question ‘which material makes the darkest shadow?’ We learned the meaning of the words opaque, transparent and translucent, and used this to help us make predictions about what kind of shadow each object would cast. We tested tissue paper, Lego, card and see through plastic, using a torch as our light source. 

Finally, we have been learning how to punctuate direct speech in English, using inverted commas. Some children completed an activity where they had to create sentences using speech, then place the speech marks in the correct place:

We hope you have a fantastic weekend. 

The LKS2 Team 🙂

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