LKS2 Science

In Science, LKS2 put their knowledge of sound waves and volume to the test!
To begin with, we collected out equipment. We used an iPad (with a sound meter app) as our data logger, a meter tape measure and a scrap piece of paper to jot down our notes. First, we split into small groups, found an appropriate space and set up our data logger. Then, the person a who was positioned away from the sound metre made a sound. We recorded the decibel level on our scrap piece of paper. For the rest of our investigation, the same person gradually increased the distance away from the sound metre whilst making the same sound as before. We plotted our findings on a graph. We found that the decibel level went down slightly the further away we got from an object. We realised the background noise sometimes affected the decibel meter therefore we made sure to test again fairly.

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