LKS2 – Viking Raid – Forest School

Pupils in LKS2 have had a fantastic time in Forest School as they were transported back to Viking times! Each Viking village appointed a Lord and Lady who oversaw a team of ship designers and warlords reponsible for carrying out a raid on Britain. Working as a team, villagers had to venture out into the woods of Scandinavia to chop down only the best trees for our Viking longship before bringing it back to the docks for the ship designers to piece it together. Once compelte, they were given a crash course in how to row and power a Viking longship before they set sail for the coast of Britain. After a long, ardous journey across the North Sea, the Vikings reached their destination and with shields, axes and swords at the ready, they disembarked and headed off to raid. They returned to the boat successful with a chest full of treasure and set sail for their homelands. Once back, the Lord and Lady laid on a huge feast in their great hall for the village. After a speech by the Lord, the Vikings tucked into traditional Viking food such as vegetable soup, fish, ham, vegetables and bread. Well done to all the LKS2 VIkings for today – most agreed that being a VIking was hard work! 

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