LKS2 – Year 3 – Bolton Abbey Trip

What a day Y3 had at Bolton Abbey on Tuesday…it was wet and windy, but the children showed fantastic resilience and had a wonderful day of outdoor learning, despite the weather! After our learning about rivers it was a great opportunity to see the magnificent River Wharfe. We started the morning by walking along the riverbank and observing the various features – a meander, evidence of erosion, and a sandy beach which turned into pebbles. Then, we looked at aerial maps of the river and built our own map using natural resources to show the features. Finally, we played a water cycle game in which we acted as water droplets and moved around from the ocean, to clouds, to rivers and back to the ocean. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a nature walk through the nearby woodland, looking out for living things and their habitats. The children were engaged and involved throughout the day and all in all a lot of fun was had!

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