Ocean Group – Robinwood

Today has been all go go go for Ocean Group who have faced a series of challenges including heights, tricky challenges and facing their fears! Their day began with being led around an obstacle course blindfolded in nightline. Communicating effectively and working as a team, pupils avoided the squirrels and completed the course without anyone getting lost! Next, they had to face the climbing wall and took on the challenge of climbing to the top to squeeze the duck – some pupils even managed to scale the wall blindfolded! Before tea, there was time to squeeze in trapeze where the childrne once again proved they were expert climbers and jumped into the air to catch the bar. Finally, children worked together to escape the dungeons here at Dobroyd Castle. They have all had such a great day and never flinched from anything that’s been asked of them. Throughout the day, the children have been so supportive of one another and demonstrated excellent leadership abilities in achieving their goals.   

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