UKS2 – Den Building – Forest School

Today, in glorious sunshine at last, pupils in UKS2 built on their knot tying skills. After a short review and revisit of the Prusik and Bowline knots from last time where children were challenged to tie both knots onto another piece of rope, pupils were given a crash course into how to use these knots to pitch up a tent shelter. In teams, children had to use a long piece of rope for the ‘float line’ and tie it to trees using a bowline knot. Next, they had to attach 5 pieces of paracord to the float line using Prusik knots. After that, they attached the tarp to the Prusik knot to form the roof then secured the edges of the tarp using pegs and guy ropes. Although tricky at times and with lots of problem solving skills needed when things didn’t go to plan, the teams never gave up and succeeded. 

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