UKS2 – Forest School

Today was an exceptionally wet one for UKS2 and their Forest School but, like the determined bunch they are, pupils in Years 5 and 6 were not going to let the rain dampen their enthusiasm for Forest School. On offer today were a range of activities all focused around our setting for Forest School. Pupils could choose from tasks which all revolved around maintenance, improving or looking after our natural environment within the school grounds. Inside the poly tunnel, children could choose to wither plant new tree saplings into pots or use bow saws to cut up some fallen wood from the recent storms for our wood stores. Outside, children cleared the new goat enclosure of self-seeded blackthorn, weeded an area of the kitchen garden where the grass was beginning to take over and topped up the strawberry bed so that it is ready to be planted up once a little drier. A group also took on litter picking around the school grounds and were shocked by the variety and quantity of rubbish they collected from the field and Forest School area. Finally, the wildflower area was cleared of blackthorn, scraped over, grass removed then covered by tarps to suppress the growth of the grass before being planted up in April with lots of native wildflowers. 


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