UKS2 – Knots – Forest School

Pupils in UKS2 are going to be learning lots of knots over the coming weeks which all have different uses including tying up a hammock, making a first aid stretcher and a den. To begin with, children in Years 5 and 6 are going to learn how to create a shelter using a tarp, rope and cord. In order to do this, pupils have to master two types of knots – the Prusik and Bowline. Today’s session was an introduction to both. Pupils learnt about the uses and advantages of both knots before having a go themselves. They all mastered the prusik knot and made progress in making the bowline – which is a much more complicated knot to make. Some pupils managed to tie Bowline knots to rope and den building sticks in practice for attaching them to trees. Well done UKS2!

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