UKS2 – Knots, Hammocks and Dens – Forest School

Today pupils in UKS2 built on their knowledge and skills from their previous session by learning how to put up and use a hammock safely. To begin with, children revisited the sliding knot by practicing the technique and process in order to ensure the knot would be secure and support the weight of a person whilst in the hammock. They practiced this skill around rope and sticks correctly before moving onto using a hammock. After a quick demonstration where we discussed safety, the process and steps needed to erect the hammock and how to enter, exit and use it correctly, teams of children used various sites around the field to work in. Using their teamwork skills, pupils had to put their hammocks up whilst constantly communicating and problem solving in order to manage their own safety in terms of pitching their hammock correctly. Mr Gamble was really impressed with all the pupils and how expertly they took to the task – we had no-one fall out of the hammock or any hammocks fall down when someone got in! 

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